SAFR at the Royal Society of Chemistry Symposium

This year’s International Symposium, entitled ‘Enhanced Performance Using Additives’ focused on choosing the best additives, and highlighting through industrial examples the wide range of chemistry involved.

In this context, Dr. Jeyakumar’s presentation on SAFR, ‘Flame Retardant Additives: A Sustainable Approach’ was well received by the audience. By assessing both hazard and exposure in its recommendations, SAFR enables users to choose the most sustainable flame retardant for their intended use.

Part of the Royal Society for Chemistry, the Speciality Chemicals Sector (SCS) was formed in 1995 and aims to highlight industrial advances in speciality, fine and performance chemicals and to promote their development, application and use.  This is achieved primarily by the organisation of international conferences on emerging or rapidly changing areas of chemistry and technology relevant to both its industrial and academic members.