Were you also at DIOXIN 2017?

His presentation, “SAFR®: Integrating exposure with hazard in a new assessment approach for responsible fire safety solutions” received special attention in the Risk Assessment and Risk Management session.

One of the questions raised was about the accommodation of end-of-life decisions in SAFR. On this issue, we are working closely together with the value chain to develop or recommend solutions for the most responsible end-of-life treatment of materials containing our products. We provide those involved in the waste value chain (e.g. recyclers and waste disposal operators) with recommendations on the preferred methods for recovering or disposing of materials according to the application and available technologies.

It was great to be part of the 37th anniversary of the Dioxin Symposia! If you didn’t manage to ask your question about SAFR, please get in touch at info@safrworks.com and let’s continue the conversation!